World stringers / Balkan stringers

Jan Vincens Steen and SteenMedia own 50 % of World Stringers ltd. The Balkan Stringers is a part of the World Stringer concept.

Balkan Stringers started as a loose idea some years ago. Now it’s a fast growing community in Bosnia Herzegovina of young people taking control over their own future as a stringer. This happens through creative entrepreneurship either individually or in cooperation with others. The process is driven by the youth community. The process has no stopping point. Only the sky is the limit. The web site is the motor and meeting point of the process. Behind the Balkan Stringers is a strong team of eager and professional supporters and partners in every corner of the process.

Hopefully the Balkan Stringers will grow beyond the three first cities; Mostar, Sarajevo and Prijedor to more areas in BiH, to other countries in the Balkans, and through World Stringers to other parts of the world.