Surveys and reports

Steen Media can do surveys about children and young people’s media habits, and about how they look at media. The surveys can be simple or more extensive depending on what is needed. He can also do reports from national conventions and conferences.

Jan Vincens Steen has done several surveys for MBL and the Swedish Newspaper Association together with Child psychologist Magne Raundalen. Raundalen/Steen have also done surveys for WAN. Their surveys are about young people’s relationship to newspapers, and how they feel they are treated by media. Steen has done many surveys for WAN about NIE and young Readers worldwide. He also did a survey (1993) about children’s expectations to the Olympic Winter games at Lillehammer. Since 2008 he has written a report on Yong People`s media habits for the Norwegian Local Press Association, and he has made official reports from Conventions and conferences for the local press, The Nordis Somali network G10, and NHO Grafisk.