SteenMedia offers advice in connection with starting or maintaining activities aimed at the young or school systems.
This can be visitor programmes for art exhibitions, media centers, contacts with NGO and more.

Through NIE Jan Vincens Steen has cooperated wirh Norwegian and International organizations like Folkehelsa, Norges Idrettsforbund/Norges Olympiske Komité, Stortinget, Telemuseet, Statens Forurensings Tilsyn (SFT), Forbrukerombudet og Forbrukerrådet, Barne og Likestillingsdepartementet, Rusmiddeldirektoratet, Redd Barna, WWF, World Association of Newspapers (WAN), Det Europeiske Journalistsenteret i Maastricht, Norske Skog, Norge 2000 og Norge 2005