Audio Tour Hack provides an alternative perspective of the museum’s permanent modern art collection.

Asylum seekers make newspaper

Pål Stensaas and Jan Vincens Steen are training asylum seekers through Steenmedia at two camps this year. Norwegian People`s Aid…

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Instead of making one-time food drops, the Locust Farm concept gives refugees the tools they need to grow their own…

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NIE in mathematics

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Church or beer? Americans on Twitter chose to celebrate the 4th of July by analyzing the differences in culture across the U.S. with the help…

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Balkan Stringers summer school

Participants from Mostar, Sarajevo and Prijedor in BiH joined the Balkanstringers summer school 2012 in Ringsaker, Norway. See photos on…

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Unlock A Smartphone Just By Looking At It

‘Face Unlock’ for Android allows users to unlock their phone with facial recognition instead of a typed-in passcode. Read…

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The 19-year-old actress/singer voices the title character in the animated adventure from Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney Pictures.

What Advertisers Find Out About You When You Click ‘Like’ On Facebook

Facebook knows a lot about each of its users, of course, and it offers you options to make your account…

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