It’s a timber company’s dream, large plantations of densely planted GM eucalyptus trees stretching across Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and China.…

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Pantaleon, Pantalone, pantaloons…pants….

Created by Waldek Węgrzyn. He designed an interactive electronic book concept that hooks directly in to a computer.

Advertising revenue has been dominated by newspapers and magazines in the Us, until now. The last statistics show that Google…

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Receive calls and texts when skiing

You can do this without taking your eyes off your run. you get your messages into you Oakley goggles..

Send social media updates through your jeans

Italian brand Replay has introduced ‘Social Denim’, with a vinyl pocket and bluetooth transmitter that instantly shares your mood or…

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Newsquest is first UK regional News Group with apps for Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet

The Northern Echo, Oxford Times and Brighton Argus are among 10 newspaper titles from Newsquest Media Group that are available…

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In its final form, Mysteries of Vernacular will contain 26 etymological installments, one for each letter of the alphabet

App translates phone calls while you talk….

This service is for speech conversations, Japan-based NTT DOCOMO is launching its Hanashite Hon’yaku app, which offers real-time translation of…

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A symphony of tweets

The Metropole Orchestra used Twitter to raise awareness of the fact that it’s subsidy and existence is under threat. More