2013: A year when the future of the media may lie in the palm of your hand

Mobile data is set to soar and soon smartphones will dominate the media landscape. What will this mean for the…

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Luci Spaggan came from nowhere to the US X factor and gave them this song. What happened to Luci when…

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Happy Christmas, war is over?

Steenmedia.no wishses friends and good contacts around the world a peaceful Christmas week.


Mooz, a creative agency, helped city in Belgium to create the ‘Taste Tree’ which is made up of 5,000 porcelain…

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Kids want iPad for Christmas

This survey from Nielsen shows that 48% of US children age 6-12 puts iPad on top of their Cristmas list…

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  More people use the stairs instead of escalators..

This study finds that the use of computers and Facebook are more associated with information overload than the use of…

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Book sculptures

Jodi Harvey-Brown brings books to life through unique sculptures built directly into the text.

Google top list 2012

Google says it powered 1.2 trillion searches across 146 languages during 2012. Topping overall search trends for the year were:…

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Parents afraid of negative effects for children on social media

Most parents of teenagers are concerned that their kids’ online activities “might affect their future academic or employment opportunities,” according…

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