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Education is good read, also in the Middle East

China:Young Post

Read the Young Post, based in Hong Kong

The children I work with in Lebanon

I leave for Lebanon early next month to continue the work there (step 3). The main sponsor has left the…

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Can You support our work in Lebanon?

Our work in Lebanon has reached the third and final step. The children/students will concentrate on describing the life they…

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NIE in Vancouver

Have a look at The Columbian`s NIE site for teachers

Using newspapers, magazines and comics in the classroom

Center for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) in the UK also opens up for media in education. -t’s also important…

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Should young children learn to read newspapers?

Yes, says Aditya Kumar Daga, “I love to teach kids easy fun games & simple engineering projects”

The New York Times in school

-The Times introduces the next generation of young minds to quality journalism, while offering college students vetted reporting and extensive…

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Illegal with phones in schools in France

The French parliament has approved a ban on the use of mobile phones in preschools, primary schools, and middle…

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In the US we find Newspapers in Education (NIE) in every state. The East Oregonian uses Kid Scope. The mission…

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