An ordinary egg, most-liked post on Instagram, ever

Are we tired of news? The egg has 18 million likes, from more people the population of Australia..

Helping making NIE digital for individual newspapers

NIEonline works with newspapers in support of their independent Newspaper In Education program. Their online classroom resources and other innovative…

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Emoji as first or second language for young children

According to an informal survey of parents, many kids ages three to five send “elaborate” emoji-only texts, and their use…

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French students learn to identify fake news

In France, students learn to spot fake online news. The government works with journalists and educators to combat the spread…

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My Life and My Wishes

The result of the Steenmedia project was presented together with partners in Saida, Lebanon December 13. this year. Proud school…

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Steenmedia at ASEAN round table in Thailand

NIE/Young Reader experts from 12 countries came together at a ASEAN round table in Bangkok last month. Jan Vincens Steen…

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Seven years old, and rich on YouTube

Forbes’ top ten list features several gamers and Ryan ToysReview tops the list. Seven years old, with 17 million subscribers,…

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How young people choose their news impacts how they participate in politics

According to research by Sam Scovill the young (age 1-25) get news via “elite-selected” media (news chosen by the editor)…

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How Youth Navigate the News Landscape

A report from Data & Society supported by the Knight Foundation finds that young adults express low levels of trust…

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The journalists in Laos will hopefully launch a Media in School Day in March 2019. Steeenmedia is their coach.