in Laos

The journalists in Laos will hopefully launch a Media in School Day in March 2019. Steeenmedia is their coach.

YOUTH, Jakarta Post

Read news articles abut the young in Indonesia.

What if newspapers were not there

What would the world be like if newspapers had never been born? If newspapers had never been born, we wouldn’t…

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Norway in Geneva was recently in Geneva with students from the UN class(owned by the Norwegian Trade Union). Visiting WHO, ILO, OCHA,…

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The Japan Times on Education

Articles about Educational issues, for example: “Take your kids to an art class and let their imaginations run wild.”

Education Edge in Bhopal

Newspaper for Educational purposes is published by Ms Alpana Mishra in Bhopal. India since 2007. Ms. Mishra earlier represented the…

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In many countries, very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV

From Band 8 IELTS: “Another reason for this loss of interest in newspapers and news channels is the outdated way…

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In Canada: Young people read newspapers, too

The study from Vividata in 2016 confirmed that young people are still reading newspapers. An examination of weekday readership (read…

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About integrating STEM and Economic-Decision making using Model Eliciting Activities (MEAs) about Scarce Resources. Jodi Pushkin, Tampa Bay Times Newspapers…

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The Erie Time: NIE and coastal environment

The Erie Time New Newspaper in Education (NIE) program educates teachers, students, and members of the Erie community on important…

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