Decline of newspapers

As explained by Wikipedia. The article also says: -Despite these problems, newspaper companies with significant brand value and which have…

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Why do the young not read news, what can we do?

Read what a student thinks:- evolution of information technology is the most important reason to the decline. And, – by…

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A step forward in Laos

after meetings with with Xomphou Keopanya (School director for Vientiane), Savankhone Razmountry (Lao Vice Minister of Information), Ms Phonesavanh Thikeo…

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Media in schools, New Zealand

-Media studies engages students in actively exploring, understanding, creating and enjoying the media and media products, says the website of…

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Young people are more willing to spend on sustainability

The young consumers, 16-24, are willing to pay more for sustainable products compared to 55-64 years old

The young understand more than the older

According to an analysis from Pew Research Center, younger Americans are better than their elders at separating factual from opinion…

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Reading is cool

The “Reading Is Cool” Aesop trope as used in popular culture. A common PSA type plot and Aesop for kids’…

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Steenmedia in Jerusalem

These weeks Jan Vincens Steen is one of the teachers to a study group visiting the Middle East. In Jerusalem…

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The in the UK supports your child`s learning journey

TheSchoolRun gives you tools to understand what and how your child is learning at primary school.

Ten reasons why children should read the news

“Visual Literacy” is one of the ten presented by Open Schoolbag in The Straits Times, Singapore.