The in the UK supports your child`s learning journey

TheSchoolRun gives you tools to understand what and how your child is learning at primary school.

Ten reasons why children should read the news

“Visual Literacy” is one of the ten presented by Open Schoolbag in The Straits Times, Singapore.


Winter is soon over here in Norway. And this cat shows us that there is hope for the future.

According to Kid Scope: Reading is key to a child’s potential for success in life. And the more kids read,…

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Ten most popular news apps

Feedly, Flipboard ,Google Feed and Inoreader are among the apps recommended for android.

Young people follow the news, elsewhere

The young are no longer dependent on television on print media for news and information. They can get updates on…

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Screen time for children is no problem

A study on research on children`s screen time says: -There is little evidence screen use for children is harmful in…

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New emojis, one with a drop of blood

The new emojis (59) are for example wheelchairs, interracial couples and a drop of blood that represents menstruation.

Barbie, a social media influencer

Barbie turns 60 this year. But she does not age. Now she has become a social media influencer. The doll’s…

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How to explain the news to our children

Parents have lots of challenges, like the media use of their children. Because they can be affected emotionally. These age-based…

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